The world looks different than it did a few years ago, dating is no exception…

The pandemic forced us to connect with others (and ourselves) outside our comfort zone. It showed us that our priorities needed to be updated, whether we wanted it or not. In the heart of quarantine, many of us found the space to reflect on who we are and what we want. The outcome has been an evolution of dating and relationships that seem more intentional and honest.

More and more singles are now prioritizing emotional maturity OVER someone physically attractive. A deeper connection resonates with these new priorities instead of going through the motions without real substance.

Vulnerability and communicating your needs are also an amazing result from the quarantine. People feel more comfortable in their skin and know themselves better. This leads to more meaningful conversation and not being afraid to ask, or more like tell, your potential partner your needs. Discussing your beliefs and goals for the future early on in the dating process is no longer a faux pas, now it’s a necessity.

Another trend that has emerged is looking at alcohol differently. First meetings at a bar was once a dating standard. However, after the world’s massive alcohol consumption during quarantine people now are reevaluating and limiting their alcohol intake. There is now an awareness that people have with their relationship with alcohol. The trend to limit consumption and be more mindful of alcohol is increasingly more common.

The pandemic was a difficult and reflective time. However, those hardships allowed an emergence for self-awareness and evolution . These trends will hopefully lead to more meaningful connections and long lasting love. Finally, something good that came from the pandemic.

You got this!

Adelle Kelleher From Coaching Hearts

Author: Adelle Kelleher, Dating Coach And Founder At Coaching Hearts Consulting

Adelle is an Expert Dating Coach for the Modern World. Through decades of experience as a former matchmaker and recovered “professional” dater, Adelle knows the good, bad and awkward to help guide you in the dating world. Learn more about working with Adelle at